Our Story

Blood Red Saints

Andy Chemney, Drums and backing vocals
Andy is the newest member of BRS, he brings a wealth of experience to the band and was formerly a member of Angels or Kings.  Also  an established drum teacher,

Andy is the 'intelligent one'  stuff the rest of the band have no interest whatsoever in....

Lee Revill, Guitars and backing vocals
Lee is our secret weapon, he can do it all, fast, melodic, you name it, he does it.
Lee has been a full time Guitar teacher for many years and in a significant way, Lees place in the Blood Red Saints was orchestrated by his great friend Chris Greer, who put the 'hard sell' on Pete late in 2014 (thanks Chris and God Bless Ya!)
Previous bands Gary Hughes

Lee knows all the technical jargon..... he's full of it........

Pete Godfrey, Vocals & Bass Guitar
Pete made his recording debut on the In Faith album in October 2014.
Hungry to be in a 'band' rather than a project, Pete formed Blood Red Saints with Rob and quickly got to work writing the first album.
Previous bands In Faith

Pete thinks he's funny, the rest of the band know better.....

Neil Hibbs Guitar and backing vocals
Neil joined in 2017 adding power to the line up. Formerly a member of SHY, Neil has toured and recorded with many names in the industry. His first appearance on record with the Saints is on Love Hate Conspiracies

Neil likes the simple things in life, don't be like Neil.........

Blood Red Saints was formed in late 2014 , the search for a name ended with the chance discovery of a semi legendary Speedway team
The Blood Red Saints.
BRS were formed in the late 1920s in Brooklyn, New York. Their Leader and Icon 'Freddie Rendetti' became synonymous with the team, Freddie was a fiery colourful character who ultimately lived the fast life a little too fast.
Following the release of Speedway, BRS played many shows in the UK and Europe before settling down to write the second album Love Hate Conspiracies. Released January 26th 2018, the album is already gaining great reviews and the band are gearing up to take the new songs out on the road.

No history of the Blood Red Saints can be complete without the inclusion of our good mate James Martin of VEGA. James went way above and beyond in his willingness to help us get signed to Frontiers Music and we owe him a massive debt of thanks!
James and his brother Tom also co wrote on the album - thanks Guys!